What is Dental Insurance?

Dental Insurance helps you pay for the cost associated with dental care

Why do you need Dental Insurance?

Dental insurance can be a costly expense. In addition, to helping you pay for preventive and major dental procedures. Your mouth is a clear indicator of your overall health. Dental insurance can offset the
cost of recommended routine check- ups.

Why Rogers Financial Agency?

We make it easy to compare and shop for a dental plan that meets your needs.

Three popular types of Dental Insurance Plans


Indemnity Dental Insurance Plan

This dental insurance plan allows you to see any dentist who accepts this type of coverage. Plan is for individuals that want to keep their current dentist when he does not participate in provider network.


Dental Health Maintenance Organization

The DHMO is a type of insurance plan that provides a reduced cost of services from dental providers operating within a network.


Participating Provider Network

This plan is similar to a DHMO which use a network provider. This type of insurance plan also allows you to use out of network and non -participating providers.

Save even more when you combine Dental and Vision Plans together

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